How To Locate E85 Gas Stations In Your Neighborhood

Alternative fuels are already a must in many developed areas. There are many people who use E85, the fuel which contains 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline by volume. In case of flexible-fuel vehicles, choosing this biofuel can reduce exhaust emissions. It offers them excellent performance at lower costs. Everything seems good, but what do you do when you need to purchase this type of fuel. What if there aren’t any E85 gas stations near me? Even if there are, how can you possibly find them?

There’s good news for all these drivers of flex fuel vehicles who need to pump up some E85. There are websites that help you locate all E85 gas stations near you. If you need to travel, you can check out the list of stations per state, so that you can know what to expect. The details are at city level, so you are going to get lists of all stations in a specific location such as Durham, Hickory and Shelby in North Carolina. You shouldn’t expect to find more than one or two stations in such places, but they should be everything you need for a proper trip planning. You should also search for mobile apps that can help you locate such gas stations, as apps are always easier to use and faster to load than websites when using a mobile device. Take your time, plot all these points on your map, and you won’t have troubles in finding fuel on the road, no matter how far you need to go.

Find The Nearest e85 Gas Station

It would be a good idea to check all locations with another source of information, in order to make sure they really exist and they are operational. Perhaps you should also get in touch with them by phone. This can save you from a lot of trouble, so it should be part of your preparations for the road. The whole search shouldn’t take you more than one hour, phone calls included, so you have no excuse for not doing it before your road trips.

However, if you had to leave in a hurry, you can still do your research on the road. You only need an internet connection and a smartphone or a tablet to access these websites to see where you can re-fuel your vehicle. Make sure you do your planning properly, as there’s nothing more embarrassing for a river than to be left without fuel in the middle of nowhere. If some drivers may be able to help you with regular gasoline, you may have to spend a very long time until you’ll find someone to give you the R85 you need.

Some of these locator websites and apps publish also the latest news in this industry, so you are going to be the first to know whenever a new station is going to open. Since alternative fuels seem to be working so well, there’s no wonder more and more gas stations choose to offer them to their clients.